Monthly Chamber Meeting Agenda:

Our Agenda:

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Our Minutes:

Date of Meeting June 6th, 2016
Location: Brooklyn Methodist Church

The regular meeting of the Brooklyn Area Chamber of Commerce Monthly Meeting was called to order at 2:02pm on June 23, 2016 in Methodist by President, Levi Cutler. Rex Tilley of Methodist church, Jerry, VP and Sherry Arnt

Levi Cutler [President], Brittany Springer – Secretary, Moonlight Designs Studio,  Dan A. Happy Buda Training, Ann Wanless, Wanless Auctions, Rex Tilley, Linda Kulman, deputy clerk of the Village of Brooklyn.

Secretary Report
Brit reported that May meeting minutes but that she is having trouble with April’s audio of the meeting to transcribe.

Brit made the motion to approve the minutes for May, Rex seconded it. All ayed

Treasurers Report
We are waiting to get checks back from Snow Mobile, Angelo’s, Donut Seller/ Donut Man).  Tabling the treasurer’s report since it is not fully completed.

All Wheels Show
Good outcome/showing.   Angelo’s had really good food and were excited.  Tour Dot played music, and dropped their cost a little from last year.  Ann mentioned that one was very upset, due to vendors talking amongst themselves.

Methodist Church
Rex spoke about what is going on with.  George Kumisky will be taking over minster duties.  They also just redid their kitchen due to an in-kind donation by Doris Hanson.  Recreation and the church are partnering up to do classes.  One of the ministers will be moving in to the house next door.

General Discussions/Ideas
Discussion on promoting.  Levi suggested about maybe a formal meeting of all local groups together quarterly to have their reps present and work together to promote each other events. A community Calendar and community guide for Brooklyn. Thoughts on joining events on the same page.  Questions were asked about how to send info to these organizations so that everyone can help/benefit from cross promotion.  Need more stuff for kids at the Labor event was brought up.  Levi made several ideas and conversations as to what could be.  Brit, and Ann mentioned ideas of how to get partnered on events.  Levi suggested to setup a meeting around September 2016 for all organizations to meet up.  Levi also mentioned about having events the same weekend as other events so that there is more of a draw to Brooklyn, rather than pockets of events spread out.  Ann mentioned about having an appreciation event and Brit also mentioned that was a good idea in 2018, Levi suggested it could be done in 2017.

Dave mentioned about dog safety class and preventing dog bites open to business owner’s families and has done that as a public service.

Chamber Welcome Sign
The welcome sign is now posted on the south end of the village.  Levi would like to get a group shot of members and village employees in front of the sign.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:12pm by President, Levi Cutler. The next general meeting will be in august, but the board will have a meeting to do some house cleaning in July.

Minutes submitted by: Brittany Springer, Secretary

Past Minutes:

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